Description of Jane Tilley's wire drawings.

Hello, my name is Jane Tilley and welcome to my alternative world, a world made of wire.  Working from my garden studio at my home in Warwickshire, England  I create 2 and 3 dimensional wire sculptures by bending, weaving, cutting and twisting wire together.  

I adore wire as a medium and love its ability to free the drawn line from my sketchbook to create drawings in space.  They produce amazing shadows in artificial light and changing shadows throughout the day in natural light.


My sculptures create negative shapes between the wire which hold as much importance as the wire itself, encouraging the viewer to recognise this space as part of the sculpture. In Japanese culture and art, this space is called 'Ma', the space you cannot see.  It plays a fundamental part of Japanese aesthetics and it's a way of life.

I am inspired by a diverse range of subjects, from mundane everyday objects, to the beauty and patterns of the natural world,  the history of European fashion to Japanese 18th century wood block prints. 


Wire continues to take me on a learning curve and as I travel along for the ride I'm fascinated with the results.  My head is bursting with ideas, the possibilities are truly endless, so watch this space!    +44 (0) 7719 991844

Drawings come to life